We here at Yageru are commited to providing fans of Amharic Movies Habesha Movies Ethiopian Movies a way to easily find the kind of entertaining content they want fast.

It's almost impossible to keep up with the number of movies coming out on a regular basis and finding quality content used to be difficult. But we hope the power of crowd-sourcing will make the task a bit easier to find the sorts of movies you want to watch.

Families living abroad want their kids to learn their parents' native language and traditions, Habesha movies can be one way children can be motivated to learn these while being entertained. Not only will the rating system allow visitors to find quality movies but parents will also like the fact that they can now see if it's kid-appropriate as judged on by others.*

*While we have provided a platform for people to set their recommendations as to the appropriatness of a movie for kids, we cannot verify the validity of those recommendations so we recommend that parents still use their own discretion when it comes to choosing what movies to allow their kids to watch.


Have you just seen a Amharic Movie Habesha Movie Ethiopian Movie that made an impression on you?

Was it entertaining?...funny?...interesting?...all of the above? Or was it down-right awful?

We'd love to know!

Here's how you can let us know:

  • Step 1: Please bookmark us and make us your regular destination.

  • Step 2: Watch a movie, anywhere.

  • Step 3: Come to our website, login, and rate it on a scale of "0" - "10".

  • Step 4 (Optional): Leave brief comments about the movie. We do, however, want everyone to experience the movie as it's intended, so please take care not to give out any "spoilers" when you do comment.
**Please do not skip Step 2 and go straight to Step 3. Watching a trailer is not watching a movie. Don't be that guy...just...don't be that guy.

It is best to rate and comment on a movie you saw recently, while it's still fresh on your mind, but we certainly don't mind and do encourage you to also rate and comment on movies you might have seen months or even years ago.

And if you notice a particular movie is not in our list, please let us know so that we can quickly add it and allow you and others to rate it.

But remember, ratings are more accurate and best when many people are involved. Every rating counts, so please share this website with everyone you know so more can participate.


Is there a movie not in our list? Send us a quick note here and we'll add it !!!
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